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Reduce last mile costs. Find out how much you can save with Ufleet route optimization software.

Get a complete breakdown of all potential savings such as:

  • Total delivery costs
  • Deivery drivers' time
  • Office workers' time
  • Fuel consumption
  • CO₂ emissions
Last mile cost
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Your potential savings are
Use the last mile delivery costs calculator to see how much you can save with Ufleet.

Understanding the last mile problem

Last mile delivery represents the final and most crucial leg in the delivery process. It's responsible for the majority of the delivery costs – often more than 50% of total expenses.

This stage faces numerous challenges such as urban congestion, multiple stops, difficulty with parking, more scratches and dents on vehicles, etc. While these are factors that you cannot fully control, there are others that you can.

Depending on how you manage your last mile delivery process you can either enjoy the benefits or suffer the negatives.

Poor customer experience
Lack of visibility on deliveries
Failed deliveries
High labor costs
High fuel consumption
Lots of carbon emissions
Lots of idle time
Great customer experience
Brand differentiator
Customer loyalty
Reduced delivery costs
Better operational efficiency
Reduced environmental impact
Data-driven delivery process

Calculate cost savings with Ufleet route optimization software


Frequently asked questions

+What factors contribute to the cost of last mile delivery?

+Why is last mile delivery more expensive than other logistics stages?

+How can route optimization software reduce last mile delivery costs?

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Calculate cost savings with Ufleet route optimization software


What you get with Ufleet


Cost efficient

Find the shortest, fastest, and most efficient delivery routes with a few clicks. Turn hours of work into minutes.

  • Reduce mileage
  • Cut down on idle time
  • Consume 20% less fuel
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Empower staff to do more with less

Technology driven operations

Ditch the pen and paper and future-proof your deliveries. Run lean and predictable operations, and empower your team.

  • Plan thousands of deliveries in the blink of an eye
  • Re-optimize and reschedule in real-time
  • Empower drivers with an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Collect proof of delivery photos and notes
  • Analyze performance and make data-driven decisions

Stellar delivery experience

Impress your customers with a convenient and modern delivery experience. Build lasting customer loyalty.

  • Live tracking and notifications
  • Customer feedback upon delivery
  • Track delays or missed deliveries
  • Promote loyalty programs and more
  • Enable seamless communication between drivers and customers

Calculate cost savings with Ufleet route optimization software


You too can reduce costs and improve efficiency with Ufleet

Join thousands of businesses that rely on Ufleet to:
  • plan and optimize delivery routes
  • manage and empower drivers
  • enhance customer experience
  • make data-driven business decisions

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