Make data-driven decisions

Understand your business better. Use the reports and analytics to build a strategy based on data instead of assumptions.

Realtime data on delivery quality and customer satisfaction is instrumental in taking the right decision.
Chris Jankoff, TmarketChris Jankoff, Tmarket
Analytics: Make data-driven decisions
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Drive customer loyalty

Customer feedback is dispalyed in real-time

Act immediately on negative and positive feedback to increase engagement and build loyalty. Draft a playbook to Include additional rewards and perks for common scenarios.

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Encourage professional bahavior

Use app data to measure driver performance

Keep track of each driver's number of deliveries, delays, damage claims, and customer feedback. Benchmark drivers, in-house or outsourced, and enforce policies based on data

screenshot from the ufleet analytics dashboard
Take strategic decisions

All important business metrics in one dashboard

Use standard KPI's to track delivery success rate, delays, capacity utilization, seasonality, time to serve a customer and other metrics or use custom exports to examine in a spreadsheet

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