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how to plan delivery routesTips & Know-HowHow to Plan Delivery Routes in 2024 [Free Tools Included]
Manual route planning, Google Maps and route optimization software are among the most common route planning methods.
Michaela Ivanova
May 10, 2024
Route Optimization Software roiTips & Know-HowIs Route Optimization Software Worth The Money?
Calculating the ROI of route optimization software is key to understanding its value to your business and whether the investment is worth it.
Angel Nikolov
March 12, 2024
in-house vs third-party deliveryTips & Know-HowIn-House vs Third-Party Delivery: Pros and Cons
Choosing between in-house and third-party delivery is a difficult choice. To choose wisely, it’s crucial to evaluate your business needs, resources, and goals.
Michaela Ivanova
January 29, 2024
sustainable delivery in e-commerceTips & Know-How7 Methods for Sustainable Delivery in E-Commerce
Route optimization, eco-friendly packaging, and alternative delivery methods are key to achieving sustainable delivery.
Michaela Ivanova
January 18, 2024
Tips & Know-How7 Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Logistics in 2024
Logistics contribute to a huge part of global carbon emissions. The result is a growing pressure towards decarbonization and ESG practices.
Michaela Ivanova
November 21, 2023
why is last mile expensiveTips & Know-HowWhy Is Last-Mile Delivery So Expensive
Dense urban areas, the surge in e-commerce, high customer expectations, and vehicle maintenance are among the factors that drive last-mile costs up.
Michaela Ivanova
October 19, 2023
how to delivery baked goodsTips & Know-How5 Tips on How to Keep Baked Goods Fresh and Intact Upon Delivery
The right packaging materials, timely delivery, clear instructions, and separation of flavours and allergen products are essential elements for success.
Michaela Ivanova
October 12, 2023
how to ship cakesTips & Know-HowFrom Oven to Doorstep: The Art of Shipping Cakes with Care
Temperature control, base stabilization and choosing a proper box are among the factors for success.
Michaela Ivanova
October 5, 2023

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