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Stay informed about the latest developments and shifts in the last-mile delivery sector. Explore insights into evolving customer expectations, regulatory changes, and emerging market trends that impact your business.

reasons for e-commerce returnsIndustry Trends5 Common Reasons for eCommerce Returns
Тop reasons for e-commerce returns include product or quality issues, size/fit problems, buyer's remorse, and delivery complications.
Michaela Ivanova
May 16, 2024
real-time delivery tracking is a mustIndustry TrendsReal-Time Delivery Tracking is No Longer a Luxury in 2024
Real-time delivery tracking emerges as a critical solution, bridging the gap between customer expectation and reality.
Michaela Ivanova
February 27, 2024
sales and returns from 2023 holiday shoppingIndustry TrendsSales and Returns: Insights from 2023 Holiday Shopping
Despite inflation and rising interest rates, sales during the 2023 holiday season were high. This also resulted in a high number of returns.
Michaela Ivanova
January 23, 2024
sustainable delivery in e-commerceTips & Know-How7 Methods for Sustainable Delivery in E-Commerce
Route optimization, eco-friendly packaging, and alternative delivery methods are key to achieving sustainable delivery.
Michaela Ivanova
January 18, 2024
ai trends in e-commerceIndustry Trends10 AI Trends That Will Revolutionize E-Commerce in 2024
From personalized recommendations to inventory management and predictive analytics, AI is reshaping every aspect of the e-commerce experience.
Michaela Ivanova
January 1, 2024
Industry TrendsWhat Are Gen Z Shopping Habits: Exclusive Insights for 2024
With over 60% of Gen Z preferring online shopping, it's clear that their digital-first approach is reshaping retail.
Michaela Ivanova
December 14, 2023
Tips & Know-How7 Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Logistics in 2024
Logistics contribute to a huge part of global carbon emissions. The result is a growing pressure towards decarbonization and ESG practices.
Michaela Ivanova
November 21, 2023
amazon online grocery is now available to non-prime membersIndustry TrendsAmazon Expands Grocery Delivery to Non-Prime Members
Amazon will provide grocery delivery and free pickup services to non-Prime members nationwide. The service will be available through Amazon Fresh.
Michaela Ivanova
November 11, 2023
Industry TrendsWhat Gen Z Wants from eCommerce Retailers in 2024
Gen Z wants fast and free shipping, personalized content, focus on sustainability, and technology-driven shopping experience.
Michaela Ivanova
November 2, 2023

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